Wrongful Dismissal – Are you receiving what you’re entitled to?

Today’s ever changing business landscape has created a challenging situation for companies – and the employees that work for them. Just like an employee can quit a job at any time, an employer can also dismiss an employee with or without cause at any time. Although a dismissed employee may feel  powerless, the law protects those  faced with the reality of losing their job. It’s important to set the record […]

You’ve just lost your job – What you need to know

So you’ve just lost your job! As you wade through the various emotions that are part and parcel of such an occurrence – anger, sadness, frustration and doubt to name but a few – you may wonder what’s next, what are my next steps? At Sirivar Law, we always advise our clients to understand their obligations and rights under the law so they’re more informed. In the case of loss […]